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Saying what you’re doing Ag innse dè tha thu a’ dèanamh

I'm going...Tha mi a' dol...

Look out for the following pieces of vocabulary in this clip.

a’ dol going

From this lesson, it is apparent that a’ dol is used in a number of situations. Here are some more examples.

càit a bheil thu a’ dol? where are you going?

a’ dol a-mach going out

a’ dol dhachaigh going home

a’ dol a dh’obair going to work

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Mother Càit a bheil thu a’ dol a-nochd? Where are you going tonight?
Daughter Tha mi a’ dol a-mach. I’m going out.
Woman Ceithir uairean!
Càit a bheil thu?
Four o’ clock!
Where are you?
Man Càit a bheil thu a’ dol? Where are you going?
Woman Tha mi a’ dol dhachaigh! I’m going home!
Man 1 Càit a bheil thu a’ dol? Where are you going?
Man 2 Tha mi a’ dol a dh’obair. I’m going to work.