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Organising a party A’ cur partaidh air dòigh

The best whisky they haveAn t-uisge-beatha as fheàrr a th' aca

Look out for the following pieces of vocabulary in this clip.

We have already come across comparisons in Episode 41 .

To say something is bigger, smaller or how it relates to another item the sentence form is thanas ... is used. To say that something is the biggest, smallest, best, etc the phrase generally starts with the verb is or as.

as fheàrr best

as miosa worst

as motha biggest

as dorra hardest

’s iad sin as motha those are the biggest

’s e an dòigh seo as fhasa this is the easiest way

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Student 1 Uill, siud e seachad.
Bu chòir dhuinn hò-rò-gheallaidh a bhith againn a-nochd.
Well, that’s it over.
We should have a good shindig tonight.
Student 2 Aidh, am partaidh as motha agus as fheàrr a bh’ ann riamh. Aye, the biggest and the best party that there ever was.
Student 3 Chan eil fhios a'm.
Siud an deuchainn as miosa a bh’ agam o thàinig mi an seo.
I don’t know.
That’s my worst exam since I came here.
Student 2 Thalla!
Cha robh i cho dona ri sin!
It wasn’t as bad as that.
Student 3 Bha.
Seall seo.
A’ cheist as dorra a chunnaic mi riamh.
Yes it was.
Look at this.
The most difficult question that I’ve ever seen.
Student 1 Bi sàmhach.
Tha sinn saor a-nis agus bidh hò-rò-gheallaidh againn a-nochd.
Tiugainn ’s thèid sinn dhan taigh-òsta feuch cò tha ann.
Be quiet.
We’re free now and we’ll have a good shindig tonight.
Come and we'll go to the pub and see who’s there.
Student 2 Thèid sinn dhan Royal.
’S e as fheàrr agus bidh a h-uile duine ann.
A bheil thu a’ tighinn?
We will go to the Royal.
It’s the best and everyone will be there.
Are you coming?
Student 3 Chan eil, tapadh leat.
Seo an latha as miosa de mo bheatha.
Tha mi a’ dol dhachaigh.
No, thank you.
This is the worst day of my life.
I’m going home.
Student 1 Chì sinn a-nochd thu. We’ll see you tonight.
Student 2 Chan fhaic. No.