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Greeting someone A’ cur fàilte air cuideigin

How are you? (plural / polite) Ciamar a tha sibh?

Look out for the following pieces of vocabulary in this clip.

To ask how someone is, you would say:

ciamar a tha sibh? how are you?

There are two words for 'you' in Gaelic: sibh and thu.

Use thu when you speak to a child or friend.

Use sibh to talk to someone older than you, someone in authority or more than one person.

sibh you

If in doubt, use sibh.

Video is playing in pop-over.

Postman Halò, a Mhàiri.
Ciamar a tha sibh?
Hello Mary.
How are you?
Young man Haidh.
Ciamar a tha sibh?
How are you?
Man Halò, a Mhàiri. Hello, Mary.
Woman Halò Iain.
Ciamar a tha sibh?
Hello Iain.
How are you?
Woman Ciamar a tha sibh? How are you?
Man Halò, Eilidh.
Ciamar a tha sibh, Ailein?
Hello Helen.
How are you Allan?