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Giving instructions A’ toirt seachad òrduighean

Shut the door.Dùin an doras

Look out for the following pieces of vocabulary in this clip.

deas right

clì left

dùin an doras! close the door!

dùinibh an doras! close the door! (polite/plural)

an uinneag the window

tha sinn a’ falbh we are leaving

bha siud math that was good

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Mother Dùin an doras, a ghràidh.
Siuthad, dùin an doras.
Tapadh leat.
Shut the door, dear.
Go on, shut the door.
Thank you.
Woman Dùin an uinneag, a ghràidh.
Tha i fuar.
Close the window, dear.
It’s cold.
Man Dè thuirt thu? What did you say?
Woman Dùin an uinneag.
Tha i fuar.
Close the window.
It’s cold.
Man Ceart ma-thà. Ok then.