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Discussing the home A’ bruidhinn mun taigh

Living room, bedroom, kitchenRùm-suidhe, rùm-cadail, cidsin

Look out for the following pieces of vocabulary in this clip.

rùm-suidhe sitting room

an rùm-suidhe the sitting room

seòmar-cadail bedroom

rùm-cadail bedroom

an rùm-cadail the bedroom

rùm-ionnlaid bathroom

suidhe sitting

cadail sleeping

an cidsin the kitchen

an trannsa the hall, corridor

To say 'in the', you use anns before the article.

anns an rùm-suidhe in the sitting room

anns a’ chidsin in the kitchen

anns an rùm-ionnlaid in the toilet

Video is playing in pop-over.

Father Ceart.
Mar sin leat.
Son Càit a bheil mo mhàthair? Where’s my mother?
Father Tha i anns an rùm-suidhe. She’s in the sitting room.
Son Tapadh leibh. Thank you.
Female Staff Agus seo an rùm-cadail. And here’s the bedroom.
Female Guest Tapadh leibh. Thank you.
Female Householder Seo an rùm-suidhe.
Agus seo an rùm-cadail.
Agus seo an cidsin.
Here’s the sitting room.
And here’s the bedroom.
And here’s the kitchen.