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Discussing the home A’ bruidhinn mun taigh

I would like a room for two peopleTha mi ag iarraidh rùm airson dithis

Look out for the following pieces of vocabulary in this clip.

taigh ùr new house

tha taigh ùr againn we have a new house

snog pretty, nice, lovely

You can also use these words to describe the house.

tha an taigh seo … this house is …

tha an taigh sin … that house is …

tha e ... it is …

mòr big

beag little

snog pretty, nice

grànda ugly

ùr new

aosta old

To say 'too' or 'very', use or glè. Both these words may alter the beginning of the next word.

ro too

glè very

ro mhòr too big

ro bheag too little

ro shean too old

glè shnog very pretty

glè ghrànda very ugly

glè ùr very new

Video is playing in pop-over.

Female Customer 1 A bheil taigh agaibh ann am Peairt? Do you have a house in Perth?
Female Customer 1 Tha.
Tha taigh ùr againn.
Tha e brèagha.
Sin an taigh.
We have a new house.
It’s nice.
That’s the house.
Female Customer 1 Ò, tha e snog. Oh, it’s lovely.
Female Guest Tha mi ag iarraidh rùm airson dithis, mas e ur toil e. I want a room for two, please.
Female Receptionist Le rùm-ionnlaid? With a bathroom?
Female Guest Tha, mas e ur toil e. Yes, please.