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Giving your address Ag innse do sheòladh

At homeAig an taigh

Look out for the following pieces of vocabulary in this clip.

neoni nil, zero

còig five

dè an àireamh fòn a th’ agaibh? what’s your phone number?

When talking to a friend, use agad:

dè an àireamh fòn a th’ agad? what’s your phone number?

taigh house

an taigh agam my house

àireamh fòn phone number

Video is playing in pop-over.

Mrs MacLeod Iain! John!
Mr MacLeod Ò! Gabh mo leisgeul!
MacLeòid, Còig Rathad, Strathpollock, Glaschu
Oh! Excuse me!
MacLeod, Five Strathpollock Road, Glasgow
Mrs MacLeod Tigger! Tigger!
Mr MacLeod Tigger! Tigger!
Mrs/Mr MacLeod Tigger! Tigger! Tigger! Tigger!
Policeman Ceart ma-thà.
Ok then.
Mrs MacLeod Tigger. Tigger.
Policeman Tigger!
Gabh mo leisgeul?
Excuse me?
Mr MacLeod MacLeod.
Mr and Mrs MacLeod.
Mr and Mrs MacLeod.
Policeman Tapadh leibh.
Agus dè an seòladh a th’ agaibh?
Rathad Strathpollock?
Thank you.
And what is your address?
Strathpollock Road?
Mrs MacLeod Còig.
Còig Rathad Strathpollock, Glaschu.
Five Strathpollock Road, Glasgow.
Policeman Còig Rathad Strathpollock, Glaschu.
Agus dè an àireamh fòn a th’ agaibh?
Five Strathpollock Road, Glasgow.
And what’s your phone number?
Mrs MacLeod An àireamh fòn?
È, dhà, ceithir, trì...em, dhà, ceithir, trì...
Ò, gabh mo leisgeul.
Phone number.
Eh, two, four, three...em, two, four, three...
Oh, excuse me.
Mr MacLeod Dhà, ceithir, trì, em... dhà, ceithir, trì.. dhà, ceithir, trì, ceithir, neoni, neoni, a h-aon.
Tapadh leibh.
Two, four, three, em... two, four three... two, four, three, four, zero, zero, one.
Thank you.
Policeman Tioraidh. Cheerio.
Mrs MacLeod Tioraidh Cheerio.