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Expressing likes/dislikes A’ toirt seachad beachd

I like Top of the Pops'S toigh leam Top of the Pops

Look out for the following pieces of vocabulary in this clip.

is toigh leam I like

cuideachd also, as well

The Lewis dialect uses is caomh leam...

is caomh leam ... I like ...

Video is playing in pop-over.

Girl 1 Is toigh leam Home and Away. I like Home and Away.
Girl 2 Is toigh leam Coronation Street. I like Coronation Street.
Girl 3 Coronation Street?
Uh, iuch!
Is toigh leam Take the High Road agus Top of the Pops.
Coronation Street?
Uh, yuck!
I like Take the High Road and Top of the Pops.
Boy 1 Is toigh leam Take the High Road. I like Take the High Road.
Boy 2 Is toigh leam Scotsport. I like Scotsport.
Boy 3 Is toigh leam Scotsport cuideachd, agus Taggart. I like Scotsport too, and Taggart.
Boy 4 Taggart?
Is toigh leam Taggart cuideachd.
I like Taggart too.