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Discussing children A’ bruidhinn mu chloinn

Two / three / four peopleDithis / triùir / ceathrar

Counting people

Look out for the following pieces of vocabulary in this clip.

dithis two people

triùir three people

ceathrar four people

còignear five people

sianar six people

seachdnar seven people

ochdnar eight people

naoinear nine people

deichnear ten people

tha dithis agam I have two (people)

tha triùir agam I have three (people)

tha ceathrar againn We have four (people)

chan eil clann againn We don’t have children

These numbers may change the initial sound of the following word:

balach > dithis bhalach (two boys)

caileag > triùir chaileag (three girls)

mac > ceathrar mhac (four sons)

clann > còignear chloinne (five children)

gille > sianar ghillean (six boys)

Nighean does not change:

nighean > sianar nighean (six girls)

Video is playing in pop-over.

Female staff Halò.
Tha clann agaibh?
You have children?
Man Tha.
Tha dithis againn.
I have two
Female staff Dithis! Two!
Man Glè mhath. Very good.
Instructor A bheil clann agaibh? Do you have children?
Learner Tha.
Tha triùir agam.
I have three.
Instructor Triùir.
Glè mhath.
Siuthadaibh ma-thà.
Very good.
On you go then.
Salesman Feasgar math. Good afternoon.
Woman Feasgar math. Good afternoon.
Man Feasgar math.
Clann againn.
Good afternoon.
We’ve got children.
Woman Tha ceathrar againn. We have four.
Salesman Ceathrar! Four!