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Discussing children A’ bruidhinn mu chloinn

At homeAig an taigh

Look out for the following pieces of vocabulary in this clip.

ciamar a tha thu? how are you?

thu you

Thu is used for you when you are talking to somebody younger than you or a friend.

ciamar a tha sibh? how are you?

sibh you

Sibh is used when you are talking to more than one person, or an elder.

a ghràidh dear

tapadh leat thank you

This is the informal way of saying thank you.

Video is playing in pop-over.

Woman Halò, a Ghranaidh. Hello, Granny.
Granny Halò, a Chatrìona.
Ciamar a tha thu an-diugh?
Halò, a Leslie.
Ciamar a tha thu an-diugh, a ghràidh?
Ò tapadh leat.
Math math, tapadh leat a ghràidh.
Halò, feasgar math.
Hello, Catherine.
How are you today?
Hello, Leslie.
How are you today, dear?
Oh thank you.
Good good, thank you, dear.
Hello, good afternoon.
Mrs MacLeod Feasgar math.
Tha i brèagha an-diugh.
Good afternoon.
It’s nice today.
Granny Ò thà.
A bheil clann agaibh?
Oh yes.
Do you have children?
Mrs MacLeod Tha.
Tha clann agam.
Tha mac agus nighean agam.
I have children.
I have a son and a daughter.
Granny Glè mhath, tapadh leat. Very good, thank you.
Mrs MacLeod Halò Eilidh, a ghràidh!
Halò Eòghainn, a ghràidh!
Hello, Helen, dear!
Hello Euan, dear!
Eilidh Haidh mamaidh.
Tapadh leibh, mamaidh.
Math math.
Greas ort, Eòghainn!
Hi mum.
Thank you, mum.
Good good.
Hurry up, Euan!
Eòghann Tìoraidh mamaidh. Cheerio mum.
Mr MacLeod Hai aidh. Hi aye.
Mrs MacLeod Halò Iain, a ghràidh! Hello John, dear!
Mr MacLeod Hai aidh. Hi aye.
Mrs MacLeod Ciamar a tha thu, a ghràidh? How are you, dear?
Mr MacLeod Tha gu math, tapadh leat. I’m well, thank you.
Mrs MacLeod Halò, a bhean NicLeòid!
Ciamar a tha thu?
Tha gu math, tapadh leat.
A bheil clann agad?
Ò, thà.
Tha triùir agam.
Hello Mrs MacLeod!
How are you?
I’m well, thank you.
Do you have children?
Oh, yes. I have three.