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Giving your name Ag innse d’ ainm

I am...'S mise...

Look out for the following pieces of vocabulary in this clip.

If you want to introduce yourself you say is mise followed by your name.

is mise ... I am...

Is mise Màrtainn Caimbeul I am Martin Campbell

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Mòrag NicLeòid Halò.
Madainn mhath.
Good Morning.
Female householder Halò. Hello.
Mòrag NicLeòid Is mise Mòrag NicLeòid.
Ciamar a tha sibh?
I’m Morag MacLeod.
How are you?
Female householder Tha gu math. I’m well.
Woman 1 Halò. Hello.
Man 1 Halò. Hello.
Woman 1 Is mise Mòrag NicLeòid. I’m Morag MacLeod
Man 1 Halò, a Mhòrag.
Ciamar a tha sibh?
Hello Morag.
How are you?
Woman 1 Tha gu math. I’m well.
Man 2 Is mise Ailean Hutchison. I’m Allan Hutchison
Man 1 Halò, Ailein. Hello Allan.
Man 3 Is mise Màrtainn Caimbeul. I’m Martin Campbell.
Man 1 A Mhàrtainn.
Ciamar a tha sibh?
How are you?
Man 3 Glè mhath, tapadh leibh. Very well, thank you.
Woman 2 Is mise Anna NicDhòmhnaill. I’m Anna MacDonald.
Man 1 Anna. Anna.
Woman 3 Is mise Laura NicAsgaill. I’m Laura MacAskill.
Man 1 Halò, Laura. Hello Laura.