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Buying clothes A’ ceannach aodach

May I try these on?Am faod mi iad seo fheuchainn orm?

Look out for the following pieces of vocabulary in this clip.

tha mi airson seo fheuchainn orm I want to try this on

am faod mi seo fheuchainn orm? may I try this on?

tha mi airson … a cheannach I want to buy …

tha mi airson … I want …

Video is playing in pop-over.

Shop assistant Feasgar math. Good afternoon.
Wife Feasgar math.
Am faod mi iad seo fheuchainn orm?
Good afternoon.
May I try these on?
Shop assistant Faodaidh.
Cia mheud a th’ agaibh?
How many do you have?
Wife Dìreach trì. Just three.
Shop assistant Glè mhath. Very good.