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Talking about job prospects A’ bruidhinn mu chothroman cosnaidh

Being self-employedAg obair air do cheann fhèin

To ask if you may use something you can say the following.

’s e cothrom math a th’ ann it is a good opportunity

cosnadh earning

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Woman Chan eil e furasta a bhith ag obair air do cheann fhèin.
Feumaidh mi airgead a chosnadh.
It’s not easy working for yourself.
I have to earn money.
Male staff Chan eil againn ach aon rud a bhios freagarrach dhuibh.
Ach ’s e cothrom math a th’ ann.
We only have one thing that will be suitable for you.
But it’s a good opportunity.
Voice ’S e cothrom math a th’ ann.
’S e cothrom math a th’ ann.
It’s a good opportunity.
It’s a good opportunity.